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May 01, 2006


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Too much realism can often destroy the possibility inherent in the theatre. That has been an undercurrent in my writing on minimalsm and the networked theatrical experience. How do you design a space that engages the audience as an active participant in the theatrical event.


Good stuff Isaac !
I am sorry i didn't get to meet you this time around but perhaps i'll be back in october to see George's play !
I've been loving your prolific-ness lately and though i've been busy and not commenting, i am reading and chewing on the stuff you 've been writing !


I wish that I lived at all closer, and you could see my work, and I could see yours, and all of the people who read your blog and we could all get together and drink and talk about theatre.

But you live in New York. I'm sure you do that all the time. I'll graduate and come out there...eventually.

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