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July 24, 2006


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Please don't stop the explication of Les Miserable! It puts me in mind of Dick Estell's Radio Reader. Hey. Now there's an idea for a podcast. http://fistook.com/DESTELL.HTML

Scott Walters

My hit count is way down, too.

I like your idea, by the way -- it harnesses the potential power of blogs to have an impact. I wonder if there should be a wiki that provides all the links in perpetuity, so that in the future when one of the artists is doing a grant application, he or she can refer to these reviews. I would be willing to set up and maintain such a wiki in conjunction with your project, if you would like.

About the hit count, though: I also think a lot of the nergy has gone out of the theatre blogs of late. I know I made a Big Deal about not responding negatively in people's comments box, but I now think the seeming disconnect between bloggers is worse than the occasional dust-up.

Maybe I'll post something... and the YOU attack it. We'll get the count up in no time!


The bloggers making some waves is a great idea because the BIG PAPER has way too much power and because most of the plays I've really liked in the past couple of years the BIG PAPER has not liked at all.

The count will come back. Mercury is in gatorade or something. Don't sweat it.

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