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November 17, 2006


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Theater is a building.

Theatre is, well, everthing that's not a building.


freeman, I've heard the same, but limiting theatER to movie theaters, and using the -RE for everything else. So a building where theatre happens would also be a theatRE.

Unless you're Lincoln Center, and need to use theatER, so people don't expect you to also use centRE.

Or unless you're The Public, and keep up your of-the-common-people image by using the less snobby theatER.

Or unless you're MCC, and use theatER for no discernable reason.


Theater is an American way of spelling the word.

Theatre is the correct way.

Joshua James

theatre is a major you can get in college for a lot of money but is actually pretty useless in the outside world.

Theater, isn't that where the shows are?


Oy. Am I the only one who thinks insisting on "theatre" to describe what happens on a stage is like capitalizing the A in "art"?

I've heard any number of arguments about this, but none of them have much in the way of content; they all seem to boil down to the notion that the stage is a higher art, and thus needs distinguishing.

I've responded at more length over at Theaterboy.net, where my bias is apparent in the blog's name (and where I can format and embed properly) ...


I vote for theatre.

For no other reason then aesthics. I think it looks prettier.


Crap--of course I mean aesthetics.


i stand in solidarity with theaterboy.

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