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December 07, 2006


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Your post dismisses the poll as being flawed, "commodifies thinking", should we read this statement of praise of yours as ironic?

"heartfelt congratulations to David for getting the highest score of the bunch (4.4!). I think he really deserves it."



My name is Isaac. And no, I meant it heartfelt.

Joshua James

Not that it means anything, as it's just my view, but I believe Stephen King is as worthy of any and all prestigious writing awards as anyone else out there.

The knock on him is that he's too pop culture and too, shall we say, popcorn-entertainment and mainstream friendly.

I think the same was said of Dickens in his day.


Sorry for the name mistake, Isaac.


no biggee!

dizzy spins

While i see your point, i think feature was supposed to be a big-picture look at the critics, not just a review of their writing ability. If you go to a restaurant and its empty or hard to find, its going to affect your overall opinion of the experience--even if the food itself is delicious.


I agree with Dizzy S. about this being a "critics as seen from space" project, but even so, influence is just too self-fulfilling to count for much.

One reason a Times review matters so much is that (as long as it's good) it's the one the theaters blow up and paste on the facade, and it's the one the producers craft a quote from for the ad. Even a bigger rave takes second banana--not to mention a better-written/more carefully considered take.

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