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April 25, 2007


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"I’ve come to think of Boston/Cambridge as a wasteland for theatre. Everything I’ve encountered is expensive, sub-par, and boring; coming from DC, I expect more."

Although we have our problems in Boston Theatre, and I am the first one to turn the lens on our ourselves, I don't exactly think we are a "wasteland."

But, I always give the benefit of the doubt to the person making the statement. It sounds as if he has seen things here, and not liked what he has seen.

Just as a rebuttal though, I would suggest possibly looking at this listing of new and newer plays opening in Boston over the next few weeks, some of them playing now.

Whistler in the The Dark - The Flu Season by Will Eno (Eno wrote Thom Pain, a Pulitzer Finalist.)

Theatre Offensive - Surviving the Nian by Melissa Lee and Abe Rybeck (This play is a World Premiere, that just won the Jonathan Larson Award before it even opened.)

Huntington Theatre Company - Persephone by Noah Haidle. (Haidle is a red hot playwright right now, receiving premieres all over the country. As a side note: local playwright Melinda Lopez is in the cast.)

Devanaughn Theatre - (sic) by Melissa James Gibson. This play was received very well in New York back in 2000 or so, but the playwright, I don't think, has received a production here in Boston yet.

Up You Mighty Race Theatre Company - 402 Edgecombe Avenue; The House on Sugar Hill by Katherine Butler Jones. (World Premiere.)

Zeitgeist Theatre Company -Valhalla by Paul Rudnick.

By the way, I was at the same Sunday night performance. The show was great.


I'm grateful for Lee's report, and to Isaac for posting it. I appreciate that Lee seeks to move the debate away from Atheists vs. Christians.

The Boston Globe interview with the principal (boston.com/ae/theater_arts/exhibitionist/2007/04/norcos_explanat.html ) offers some insight into why the group left so early, and at that particular moment. I wish they hadn't; it sounds like they missed something valuable.


This was lovely. Good writing must run in the family.


I'm glad I overreacted. Yes, I know I'm part of the unwashed, hippie, non-journalist blogger problem, but that's what bloggers do -- we highlight issues, don't let them die, until traditional media either investigates or yet again disappoints us with its myopia. I'm glad the Globe got down to business, and with Mr. Daisey got to the heart of what happened.

As for future controversies, I predict that five years from now, Young Jean Lee and Neil LaBute will team up for a six-hour trilogy called JINGO!, which will have to be staged on decommissioned weapons testing sites, to limit the spread of any terrorist WMDs to local populaces.

'Cause if some folks are dared, really dared to be controversial, when it comes to playwrights who know how to piss people off, we ain't seen nothing yet....


I,am a Father,of one of the kids, my son was there .
One thing most people are missing. It seems to me, Mr Mike Daisey, knew before he posted on youtube, who this group were and came from. In the info area of the clip It states 87 members of a Christian group. why?
I talk to him about this in messages ,he said he had posted before he knew who they were. It does not look that way to me . The one that puts the clips on youtube, are able to pull their clips, and repost, They can remove comments and block veiws from making a comment. Which he did to me.
Day of walk out 4-19-07
Talked with Cindy L. from the school and the man the poured water David 4-20-07 acording to news papers and his site.
Youtube shows posted 4-21-07.
Why? After reading much about Mr. Daisey and hid followers. I think I have the answer.
Seems as he forgave 1 and punished 86 others lets not count the other 11 adults just the 75 kids that were 14-17 years of age.
He heard there cries with their comments . Thank you for your time Jim

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