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October 01, 2007


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Steve On Broadway (SOB)

Isaac, Where do you come down on those of us in the blogosphere who review shows on our own dime?


Well, I think it'd be great (For your pocketbooks and the blogosphere) if you were given comps to press nite and treated like reviewers, frankly.

moxie the maven

Yup, right.

Aaron Riccio

Interesting side point, and I'll write more about it after observing the site for a week, but when I went to see "The Children of Vonderly," the Ma-Yi spokesperson was encouraging the entire audience to go and "review" the show via blogging their feedback in the comments section of their site, good or bad. Now, it'll be interesting to see how that works for them, and more so to see if there's any sort of moderation. I don't think they'll have a problem (the show is pretty solid), but I like the idea of companies actually reaching out to their audiences to grow & promote their work at the same time.


I agree that the opening night "embargo" is outdated. Especially when there can be up to four weeks of "previews" now, with tickets at FULL PRICE. If they're asking people to pay upwards of $75 to see it, why again is it not ready to be reviewed...?

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