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January 01, 2008


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I am shocked and offended that you of all people are addicted to Lolcats. My parents love that stuff, and fill up my inbox with it. What is this world coming to?! I'm sure there's a support group and treatment plan out there for it. There is a growing community of bloggers out there suffering from the same problem.


Well, if you've made this choice, I assume you wouldn't be interested, but I still highly recommend "Alias." Good show, with great action and humor and Garner is really remarkable in it. Sydney Bristow is probably one of the best TV characters of this decade.


I was going to make a comment about Obama (he's definitely not my favorite), but then I got to the lolcats point and all I have left to say is, I know right?? Also happy new year


Lots of deep thoughts in that post, so I'd better respond to Jennifer Garner. Just saw Juno last night, and I though JG was very well cast precisely because she's so hateful, sachrine, and synthetic that it's a pleasing reversal when she's not so bad. Agree with everything else (1-10)

Abe Goldfarb

I was surprise to find Garner utterly sympathetic and right on in Juno. For me, the only sticking point was those dreadful, twee, migraine-on-a-stick songs by Kimya Dawson. They nearly ruined the entire film, in my humble opinion. I'd be riding along, really feeling the film, loving Jason Reitman's effortless pace and ensemble direction, enjoying another improbable and delightful turn of phrase by Diablo Cody, making up little movies that star Jason Bateman in my head, wishing J.K. Simmons and I were gay together, you know, the obvious, and then...a fucking song comes on sung by a in the voice of a slightly off-pitch infant that rhymes "love" with above" or "you" with "who". It's so precious and cutesy-poo that I wanted to know exactly what the hell Reitman was playing at.

Otherwise, though....hell of a film. Very touching. And, pleasingly, it has even less of an agenda on the abortion tip than Knocked Up.


There was a time that I would have been Jennifer Garner's love slave, if she would have had me, before she became the CIA's poster girl (yes, literally) and did the Affleck thing and Lavender (?) and all that.

I know she can act, sometimes... mebbe it's a kinetic memory thing, where she needs to be kidnapped by the Vampire Cowboys and get praise for reciting stirring monologues while snapping a neck between her thighs.... No, I'm still not over her... (sob)

Kerry Reid

I'd like Clinton and Edwards a lot more if they hadn't voted for right-wing talking points (the war, the Patriot Act). Rather more despicable and destructive in my book, though I'm not totally on board with Obama, either.


cloying and sophomoric? Really? Maybe more like.... original? Hilarious? Maybe at times it was too sharp for its own good... but sophomoric? Come on now.

Calllie Kimball

Dammit. I thought you had gone away and now I discover I'm behind in my reading.

Lolcats iz funner than it shud be. Make me feel durty on zee outside.

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