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January 09, 2009


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I loved the filmography, first because it's damn funny and secondly because I love the way the book revels in doing too much, going too far, pushing the audience past its patience. I haven't reached my limit yet, but the sections where he describes particular rituals and/or sticks us inside someone's head function on at least two levels and usually brilliantly - the writing conveys that particular person's relationship to the object of worship and the way the language is structured ie. the way it sounds begins to make my skin crawl. The collection of sounds - ie. the phrase "telephone console" and the repetition of that throughout the erdeddy section and into the medical attache, have this dulling, repetitious effect that makes me want to get away from it.

The book has unleashed my own OCD tendencies especially when it comes to reading. (exemplified here: http://ghost-light.blogspot.com/2009/01/now-in-year-of-nivea-skin-care-products.html) This book is like a drug and what is the danger of reading it? I do not yet know.


After looking at 6 in your listing I decided to read the filmography again and was surprised by how much I missed the first time around. Many of the films are descriptions about JOI's life and answer questions or provide background information on him that are useful later on. Good advice to read them and pay attention (I could see skimming over them because it isn't the most pleasant reading).

Don't want to get too into it and accidentally spoil anything.

Also, as for 2 - Note that some films were released by Poor Yorick Entertainment Unlimited. Interesting tidbit when related to the Hal/Don Gately graveyard scene (P. 17).

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