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March 21, 2009


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Overall, great analysis for what was a satisfying ending to a great show. They left a few loose threads that will tend to irk folks who have bothered to pay particularly close attention over the years.

For example, if Kara Thrace was some sort of an angel (ugh) sent back by God or whatever, why was she so confused as to her role the whole time? And why was Apollo so "Oh, OK." when she just up an disappeared? I would have **** myself, lol. They should have done a better job of wrapping that up with more definition.

Also, to be true to the tag "All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again" the writers should have had Kara jump the Galatica in both space *and* time to the original Kobol 150,000 years ago. That would have explained prehistoric humans on the planet and the time line would be more effectively closed -- somewhat like a spacetime mobius strip. If they then wanted to then do the whole "Earth is Kobol thing", more power to them.

Great ending to a great show but intellectually unfulfilling.

Brady Bonk

I've been saying it since Leobahn called her an angel on the Demetrius...she's a Seraph...


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