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March 22, 2009


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Ethan Stanislawski

You took the longer-term perspective write out of my mouth.

Prince Gomolvilas

Isaac, I wonder if perhaps you underestimate the quality of your writing and the scope of your influence, even when your posting seems, in your eyes, "light" or not meaty. Hmm....


Indeed. There's a time for talking and a time for doing. Maybe it's time for more doing?


Then stop it, just stop it! lol. IB, maybe you're a lil' down on all this blogging, but it's not the quality of your posts. And it's not the quality of the theater. There's a ton of good work going on right now and still much to be worked out; but if your prespective has changed, that's not a bad thing.

We all transition out of this biz eventually. Before that we usually take up other avenues on the way there. After almost 30 yrs, I've watched way more friends get out of this community than succeed within it. Domestic partners, children, life in general (none of which I have), they all come and take us away. And they are all more important than theater will ever be.

I always thought that the theatrospere would become a big discussion group of inter-linked blogs, but that never happened ("future gigs" has been my fav' recent post), and it put a lot more weight on the blog-owners. I don't know how you folks keep it up. As the theatrosphere has peaked and now begins its slow fade, you've done more than your share to make it a place that mattered. If you move on now, it should be celebrated, not lamented. Go forth and multiply, but you'll make my day-gig a lot harder to bare. thanks for everything.


Or maybe it's just plain cyclical. I'm going through a similar thing with my own blog right now, and it can't hold a candle to Parabasis for sheer perspicacity, but sometimes....you just don't feel like putting out, you know? No need to blame the medium or the times or certainly yourself.

I don't mean to discount what you're feeling right now. But supplying a link or a video when you don't feel like providing original content is no crime; everybody rankles at something that comes to feel like an obligation.

Also I agree with Prince that your influence is more pervasive than you may realize. Some weeks ago when you mentioned Blogorrhea, unique visits shot up from the usual 30 or so a day to right around EIGHTY -- for several days! Just because you mentioned it. See what I mean?

Nice interview, by the way.....


I have a bit to ask you about this, but I sense it may be easier to do via e-mail or face-to-face conversation. Suffice it to say that I am willing to engage you with this, but it may be different from what you can get on a blog. Shoot me an e-mail when you have a few minutes.

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