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June 15, 2009


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Jodi SC

It is certainly a really interesting idea. There are ways to work around the issues you presented - of course to make it mandatory it may have to be an inescapable tax on earnings of the commercial company's L.L.C. It could be applied nationwide through touring companies as well.

Ironically the most difficult aspect might be deciding which artists qualify for it. My knee-jerk reaction is it funds a housing subsidy a la Manhattan Plaza, but let's face it we all know that over the years that has become less and less effective in providing for artist of true need.

Certainly would be a great to explore further.


Wow. That's a great idea. And pretty easily actionable. Broadway Producers, you listening?

Lucas Krech

Taxing profitable shows to help subsidize working artists is a wonderful idea. I have trouble believing such a measure would pass in this country, but I think it would be brilliant if it did.


I am all for the Chris Dodd idea. that's what copyright should be for, dangit.

Mike Daisey

Reading THE GIFT now as well, actually.

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