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June 07, 2009


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Mike Daisey

I don't think we can extrapolate gender parity/disparity w/r/t from these numbers, becuase horrifically over half their income comes from not writing plays, which skews the numbers a lot.

I'd love to know the *mean* for the income--are there a few playwrights making enough that it drags up an even lower number, or are most working playwrights making 1/2 their income, at least of the ones surveyed.

Thanks for posting this--this one is really interesting.


Hey Mike,

My guess would when the whole thing is published it'll go into all of this in far more depth. Todd had 45 minutes to present the Biggest TIcket Items of his findings. Apparently, the full doc has a lot of stuff in it that wasn't talked about at all. The parity thing might be referring to other data we haven't seen yet. And also, i might have explained it kind of confusingly, so let me use an example just to make sure it's clear... a female emerging playwright and a male emerging playwright probably have similar incomes, numbers of plays produced in a given year etc. The issue is is that the "upper ranks" (mid career and established) are male-heavy and have fewer women. So a female established playwright might get as many productions and as much $$$ (roughly) as her male peers, but there are very few women at her level.



I guess that confirms my fear that I have to go to grad school if I ever want to be a "real" playwright.

malachy walsh

Great reporting. Thanks.

Ben TS

Wait, is this report suggesting that ADs are actually blaming the playwrights?

I'm hoping something got lost in the abridgement, because otherwise bullet point #3 paints, albeit quietly, a pretty chilling picture.


really interesting stuff. i think a lot of it (earnings, 'emerging' label, mid-career morass) would hold true of theatre artists other than playwrights.

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