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June 05, 2009


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Cris Gross

This is a much appreciated service. Thank you for all the coverage.


You got enough stuff here for about 80 posts! But the point about how the "power players" stay out of the online conversation is a big one and one I've been kicking around a lot lately in my head. The idea that we're just a bunch of weirdos in our muu-muus in our parents' basement is an old thing to try and kill off. And if they were involved in the conversation, they'd have a few more ideas about all of those items on the list.


Yes to #CC! What would happen if we looked at failure as an essential part of growth? What if we learned from our failures instead of running away screaming? A rather refreshing example of this type of thinking was the Critic's Notebook section on Amy Freed's You, Nero by Karen D'Souza in the May/June American Theatre.

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