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August 06, 2009


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Jessica Griffin

I tried the application, and "When in doubt, don't do it" became "If your looking for is not a problem". It doesn't make any sense but i had a whale of a time.


Ack...I can only get 7 out of ten! 4, 8 and 10 are killing me...


I will admit, 8 is incredibly difficult. I'd be *very* surprised if anyone gets it. I put it in there as the one "nearly impossible one". Anne has told me that I should admit it's not that famous a line. When I entered it, I thought of it as "famous" simply because it's a line I remember very well, most likely because it's a part I've played.

So don't stress about 8! 4 and 10 are totally getable tho!

Lindsay Price

Have recently found Translation Party and it is hilarious. I love number 8 and can't help thinking it would make an awesome title. What play would evolve? :)


Fun! I really like the translation:

"According to the complaint, the home of the full richness of winter, all the clouds, is the son of the great New York summer low'r'd."


Funniest one yet... I shared TranslationParty on Facebook. My friend tried:

"You're extremely manipulative, but not very good at it."

and it translated it to:

"Your work is amazing."


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