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August 03, 2009


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Tom Loughlin's post just made me growl like a rabid raccoon at my desk. Congrats, Tom!

He was ABSOLUTELY suggesting that the theater purge gay content to become more popular. What's worse is that he did whilst simultaneously suggesting that gays belong to some kind of privileged class. WTF! I'll remember that the next time a thug calls me a "faggot". I'm lucky!

Then, in the next breath, he goes on to write that we should be producing more plays about racism. Double WTF!

I guess some social ills are more popular than others.


How would this tie into your post from last week about overdue dark confessions? or What are you clinging to?

Is it possible to critique people you may someday work with,(or work with)? Or is the fear of provoking people leading you to censor yourself? (I hope that's not the case.)

I think there's more options available than shit where you live or fuck up your career, but how do we get past vague jeremiads and arguments-for-arguments-sake if we're scared to include specifics because it may step on someone's toes?


Chicago Rules!

Tom Loughlin

Hi Isaac,

I don't want to drag you into further debate, since you're too classy a guy, but I do want to say three things for the record, if I may.

First, it seems that in all the references I've found to my Engage!/Enrage! post, no one has included this paragraph, which immediately follows the excerpt you quoted:
I’ll leave the reader to decide whether or not I am actually serious, just being sarcastic, blowing professorial smoke, playing devil’s advocate, re-casting myself as an ancièn terrible, or just being a curmudgeonly pain in the ass. Your call.
Language, of course, is an imperfect medium, and often without knowing the person personally, it's hard to attach specific intent to someone's use of language (which was why Socrates was so adamantly against the invention of writing). I think, though, that in any discussion of what I wrote it's important that this paragraph be included for context. Someone who reads only the "enraging" statement in isolation on someone else's blog would have to assume I could only be serious. I've never specified my own intent, but left the reader with choices, all of which are possible.

Secondly, if the opportunity ever comes up again, I would be willing to pay my own way to be on a blogging panel. Indeed, given that it's a panel, I might even be able to get my university to pay my way (academic institutions love to see these sorts of credits), and I would do it for free. I would not expect any payment of any sort, as I realize blogging is a relatively new art form and such events have no budget. I am very fortunate to be at a stage in my career where paying for a JetBlue flight to NYC from Buffalo is not a great hardship.

Lastly, just to let your readers know, I do have an open comment section on my own blog. They are free to growl there and not necessarily take up your digital space.

Be well, Isaac, and continue to fight the good fight! -twl

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