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October 12, 2009


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Oh, crap. I just realized that I made a comment here, but didn't do the captcha right or something and lost it to the ether. And it was good. Lemme try to reconstruct it...

I think the big thing that gets in the way is money. If we could keep roofs over our head by just doing the things we loved, we would. If you gave an artistic director an unlimited supply of money for perpetuity, the landscape would be radically different than what we see. It's just the audience may not always want what you love or the audience that does want it may not be willing or able to pay what you want them to pay for it. Finances constrain our choices all the time.

Moxie the Maven

One big thing leaps to my mind reading this: we can only do well what is "us". By that I mean, we cannot succeed by doing things in the fashion we see others employing, we can only succeed by finding that thing that feels recognizably "me". I think is what Josh experienced writing MilkMilkLemonade, and maybe a source of major frustration for Jaime in her last professional experience. The feeling of trying to figure out what people want and don't want, and why that is, is exhausting in general, and with theater it seems damn near impossible. Yet so many of the NFP theater companies are totally oriented that way. It certainly drove me crazy when I worked for one. There are about twelve million examples of plays audiences loved despite not fitting any model of past success. We're always successful because we're just doing what feels like our thing. We love watching artists do "that thing that is SO them," that only they could do in that wonderful way.

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