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October 22, 2009


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i could not have said it better myself. Is this something you've been seeing a lot lately in your experience, companies looking to expand on the internets but don't seem to know how?

I've always assumed that most theatre companies are pretty tech-savvy...but then again, the ones I know are the more younger companies...


Hey TRA,

In my experience the farther you go up the institutional ladder, the more out of touch people are. I think again this is largely a generational thing, a lot of theaters are run by people towards the late end of middle age.

Honestly, if you had gone to the TCG conference, you'd think I was understating things in this post.

To give one example: At the TCG conference they had a charlatan whose particular scam was going to conferences and saying she spoke on behalf of Gen-Y and could teach you how to appeal to them. This was at a conference that had plenty of attendees who were members of this generation. None of whom attended the speech, and any one of whom would've killed to have coffee with a LORT artistic director and talk about how to better appeal to them and their friends.


Ah yes, I remember that particular charlatan well. I thought her speech was satire. Then I realized she was serious and I was totally f*cked up.


Heh. Good example. And it was true for most of the technology speakers as well. The underlying methodology seemed to be something like:

"Oh CRAP. We don't understand Generation-Y!/Technology!/Fill-in-the-blank! QUICK, HIRE SOMEONE TO COME EXPLAIN IT TO US!"

"Um, how will you know if the person explaining it to you understands it?"

"Look here on their resume. It clearly says they understand it. Now stand aside, invested stake-holder who thinks you understand it better, this outsider is coming in to save us. And for a very reasonable fee."

Rob Ready

This might be the dumbest, most massive waste of time, energy and MONEY I have ever seen in theater:


"Through Project Audience, which currently has over 180 members providing their voices through the online forums, discussion strings and conference calls, we will actually develop (not just talk about developing) new cutting-edge technologies (still undefined) to break down the barriers between ticket streams, customer relations, community building, conversation and arts making."

Sounds great right? Only problem is, they have no idea what this means. I even asked if there were any specific ideas kicked around that sounded interesting -- no response.

But hey, a bunch theater administrators got a free trip to Chicago! So that's pretty cool.


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