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November 12, 2009


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YES. Heretic Pride, their second-to-last, was awesome all around. I personally love The Sunset Tree a ton, but that was my first exposure. Get Lonely is lovely, but kind of dull. Tallahassee is epic and dark and brilliant.

Did I mention their my second favorite band right now? And I'm dying to see them at Webster Hall in a couple of weeks.


Also, Tallahasee is wonderful.

Lee, the Brother

each of the last four mountain goats albums (after they finally got out of lo-fi) have one or two songs that are so beautifully brilliant they make you want to cry and listen on a loop.
i really like the sunset tree; it's more narrative than get lonely, and heretic pride is great, too.
their latest album, the life of the world to come, is a big mixed bag, but has some of their catchiest stuff yet (including a song where i can't sing along to it because of the religious implications).

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