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January 14, 2010


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Isaac, thanks for helping build the list!

Over 50 women theatre bloggers compiled so far, and this doesn't include all the critics for regional papers who also probably have blogs like Elisabeth Vincentelli does, for example. And I am still hoping to round up those in the UK and elsewhere outside the US.

It's exciting to discover that a fairly substantial number of women are out there writing about theatre...it's just no one really knew about it...

So you no like Sarah, eh? hmm.



I've actually written a few times on this blog about Sarah Kane, that was as much meant as a joke at my own expense as anything else. But yeah. I like CRAVE. It's got some good one-liners, as you've noted at your place. The rest I either feel "meh" about or out-and-out can't stand.

And I do, honestly, wonder if there's a kind of "killing yourself to live" phenomenon going on where it becomes impossible to form a real opinion of her plays without taking into account her suicide. I mean this both for people who love and hate her work, btw: I don't believe she would have been championed as much as she was by her friends and co-workers if she were still alive, I find it almost impossible to believe she would have reached near-canonical status in Europe so swiftly on the merits of her very few plays and I've also heard a friend dismiss BLASTED as "an amateurish cry for help from a profoundly depressed individual".

Personally, I just find her work kind of boring.

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