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January 14, 2010


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Scott Walters

Let's see... three of the top ten full-length plays are by playwrights who appear on our regional list...

Terry Teachout

Conclusion: the academy is the place where large-cast plays go to die.


The idea of a high school production of any Sondheim show makes me shudder.

Terry Teachout

Not so, not so! Some high-school musicals are remarkably well done--they've got the rehearsal time and the passion, and the freshness they bring to such shows often outweighs the limitations imposed by resources and experience.

Deaf Indian Muslim Anarchist!

Wow. All these top 10 plays were written by white men. No females, no POC?

What the fuck. at least the list of musicals is better.

Cole Matson

Wow. Half of the eight shows my high school did while I attended are on that list. Out of the remaining four, three were stage adaptations of T.V. shows. The remaining one was the maiden production of our first theatre arts class, and was a series of 3-5 minute long 'phone plays,' half of which we wrote ourselves.

My very first show ever was Into the Woods. I was the Narrator. It was actually pretty good - at times - and that was when I decided I wanted to be an actor for a living. So, good things come of high school Sondheim.

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