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March 23, 2010


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Aaron Grunfeld

I'm nerd enough to defend Chris Claremont's feminist cred here. He overtly* set out to create & support strong female characters in a heavily male medium. You got Storm, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Emma Frost, Mystique (who, I recall, had a lesbian relationship with Destiny), + more X-women, Spider-Woman, Ms. Marvel, & a few kung fu ladies. Heroines, villainesses, protagonists & supporting roles. In Marvel, there are few female characters that Claremont didn't have some hand in defining, usually to be stronger & more empowering.

I'm enjoying your series, but I recall the original miniseries as pretty weak sauce - the first comics I recognized as a cash-grab & not necessary storytelling. How'd you pick this, of all things? Why not re-read Dark Phoenix or Days of Future Past or the Wolverine mini (Claremont & Frank Miller)?

* In the mid-80s, I recall reading his axiom when creating a new character: "Is there any reason this character can't be a woman?"


The point was for J. and I to re-read something that was personally important to us rather than significant in the Marvel Universe. I actually didn't read any of the mini-series you name until I was an adult! The only version I knew of DARK PHOENIX was the version with the alternate ending, published a year later.

I don't disagree with the rest of what you're saying. I think calling Claremont a feminist is a bit of a stretch, but I will agree he pushed a very, very retrograde company a *little bit* forward. He made sure to create lots of new female characters, some of whom are fully fleshed out 3 dimensional characters, some of whom are not, some of whom have agency and some of whom don't. But all of them are still male fantasy objects on some level.


I want Wolverine and Shadowcat to hook up. Does that make me creepy?


I don't think so, in fact I'd love it if they did!!

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