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March 23, 2010


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If a cabal of theaters got together and created some kind of monthly membership thing... you'd get, basically, a membership at Lincoln Center. They got 25 venues listed on their website, they offer a variety of different sizes and medias of art. Is the membership thing working out for them?


After purchasing a membership to Lincoln Center you then get a discount on tickets. That is different from how cable tv works (pay a monthly bill, get x amount of content at no additional charge).

malachy walsh

I know this is not your point, but...

Eventually Hulu will cost something. As will other like services. The cost may be hidden, as the cost of TV "hides" in our cable bill, but it will cost something. (I know, I know, "the walled garden" doesn't work, but it will turn out that if you want something that's worthwhile to you - like a well-produced, well-acted, well-written piece of entertainment - you will need to pay for it or it will not get made.)

Also, TV has changed a lot from the 3-network dominated days, but more people watch TV on a television than anywhere else. In fact, a recent Neilsen survey showed that 99% of all TV is watched on that screen. That means, despite the narrative that "TV is dead", it is quite alive and there is a long long way to go before things are really different.

And even then, they may look the same. (You download the show with commercials.)

working Group

After a long hiatus... I'm back and blogging and ready to stir some up... I got a response to this at the new blog and all the Outrageous Fortune/careerism arguments.


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