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April 01, 2010


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Anne Moore

Have you checked out the AV Club's Inventory book? They have a list of "special effects" noises by Don Martin from Mad Magazine--it's pretty sweet.

And, for the record, the thing that always weirded me out the most was how animals make different noises in different languages. Japanese dogs, for instance, go "wan wan wan." And don't even get me started on French roosters.

Ben Owen

"Cocorico!" Yeah, that's weird. In the version of "Thumbelina" I just read (translated by Tiina Nunnally), the toad goes "Ko-ax, ko-ax, brekke-ke-kex!" Which makes me think of hours spent behind my parents TV trying to get the picture-in-picture to work with the cable box. I will check out that AV Club piece now. Thanks!


I was just about to comment about "cocorico" and the Dutch version, "Kuckeliku" or something.

Steven Weissman

We played so much Mille Bornes at my house growing up that "increvable" replaced "incredible"... so YES and THANKS for this!

Ben Owen

Steven, that is awesome. Around my house my dinosaur obsession eventually led my mother to start saying "Oh boy! A hairless raptor!" instead of "Oh joy! Oh careless rapture!" And thanks for commenting!

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