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April 22, 2010


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Change will do you good. Terrific work! Break a leg with the new stuff. But please don't forget give some love to the links section. From Nosedive to Playgoer to Angry Chi Guy, I live by bloggers links. I could continue to go through the old Critic-o-meter to get to StageGrade, and through the old nytheater i to get to the new nytheater blog, but wouldn't it be grand if all theater bloggers updated their links this spring. Well, it would for me, and if I'm the only one, feel free to ignore this. lol. Congrats on the new Parabasis.


Hey R.

I'm just redoing the blogroll to get rid of some dead links etc. it'll be back up next week! And we'll keep doing short hit-n-run "this is interesting, read it!" type stuff.

Laura A.

Congrats on your decision. Your blog is one of the few that I've read consistently - even after I "left" theater. Reading about your decision has put my own decision back in 2007 or so into context - especially since I recently decided to go back to writing plays but not take part in "theater" the way its done in this country (US). I don't know what that decision means or what a "career" outside of NYC and institutional theater looks like - or even if it is a career. But I do know that I'm far happier with my decision now and I'm more at peace with theater than I ever have been before.

I look forward to reading about this new chapter in your life and blog.

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