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May 06, 2010


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Some of it's art. I think this guy's stuff is art.
(click on "my games" and look at the september 12th game or the madrid one)

malachy walsh

Of course it can be art, depending, of course, on who you're talking to. Which is why that whole part of the conversation will end up being a "how many angels on the head of a pin" series of rants. About the only useful thing you can get out of it (maybe) is some kind of snapshot of what we value, culturally, in this moment.

But since the article is about what kids should or shouldn't be allowed to purchase (not the average age of people who purchase the games or most of the other statistics you mention), the picture isn't a misrepresentation of the article's main point, is it?

I mean, when I was 12, that's pretty much how I looked when I was playing video games. Hell, I'd love to still look like that, you know, with hair still on my head and all.

Account Deleted

I feel that video games these days are a work of art because there is a lot of designing that is involved in these games especially with designing all the characters for the game.

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