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May 13, 2010


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Deaf Indian Muslim Anarchist

good post, mate. man, the theatre world aint doing themselves a favour.


ohhhhhhh, we feel so bad for Sarah Ruhl! Someone called her "highly promising!" how dare they!

BUT! but but but, they did say "has dawned." Note the past tense. Dawn has passed. She has emerged.

Mr. K

To be fair, if any writer deserves the insult of being told they once showed promise, it's Neil LaBute.

Lise M

THANK YOU. "Emerging" is a back-pedal from "concertedly ignored" -- and it's an excuse rather than an apology.

Great seeing you at the TBA conference, btw.

Lise M

One more thing: It's an age issue, too. Just 'cause you're youngish doesn't mean you haven't been writing for years and years.

Oddly, for being patronized for my sex I have consoled myself I am being patronized for my (supposed) age. Eek.


Good post. I thought the title "emerging" was ridiculous when I heard it used by the Obie committee to describe Neena Beber, since I had very clear memories of her work from nearly twenty years before, when we were both students in NYU's Dramatic Writing Program in the late 80s. And I knew she was being produced regularly in the regional theaters ever since then. I think there is a pervasive feeling that women writers are more fragile, need more nuturing, are tender butterflies always on the verge of "emerging" from a chrysalis, whereas male writers are big boys who can handle themselves--self-made creations. Nonsense.

blogless joe

"You'd never read a critic saying that Neil LaBute showed promise."

That's because he doesn't... Oh, SNAP!

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