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July 21, 2010


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here is a good Racialicious analysis on the whole Shirley Sherrod video controversy:


Discussing race and racism doesn't make you a racist. I'm always accused by white people that I'm "racist" against white people, because I constantly speak out against racist people, the majority who happens to be white. Um, right...


Nice "They Live" reference...

It feels like America's race scab has been picked since Obama was elected. (That's a gross and probably bad metaphor.) I think huge swathes of white Americans were surprised to have a visceral fear reaction to Obama. It seems to me like racism is coming back out of the closet. Is it just me, or does racism seem a lot more bald faced than it was in, say the 90s? Not that racism didn't exist then, but that it was so much more taboo and hush hush?

Personally, I feel similarly to you about a sideways world when it comes to being queer. I prefer bigots to be foaming at the mouth, not smiling politely at me. That way I at least know who they are.


Here's an... um... interesting take on the story.



Wow. That piece is awesome. Total Bizarro World.

There is something in the air right now. And I agree that it's got to do with Obama getting elected. It's all close to the surface and oozing out. But we're still not dealing with it, not head on. And, obviously, it's much the same with gay rights. The pressure is building and I'm just hoping that, when it gives, it's more like a dam bursting and filling a river and less like a volcano. Or something metaphoric like that.

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