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September 02, 2010


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Carl Benson

Well said.

Timothy Childs

Indeed. But let's not forget the musicals that also thrill and politically engage us...

South Pacific
Show Boat
Of Thee I Sing
Caroline, or Change (Hey, Kushner, there you are again..)
Pacific Overtures

- Timothy Childs


Yes. Yes Yes Yes.

I fully support luring, seducing, bamboozling, and distracting with humor, heart, sexiness, and general good storytelling in order to sneak in your politics. Because if it's not fun, who cares, other than the people who already cared and won't be changed by your play either way?



We'll have to disagree on the entertainment value of Assassins (a show whose appeal I simply cannot fathom) but you are right. Musicals, like mysteries, often can use song and dance to insert some pretty overt political content.

The best example is most likely CHICAGO, which both does this and problematizes it at the exact same time. It uses entertainment to drive home a very cynical message about the uses and misuses of entertainment in American culture and politics.

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