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December 12, 2010


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Well, all of the videos in those memes are condescending and lecturing. Venting isn't supposed to be fair or even justifiable, though that's why care is required when doing so publically.

There are still fair points in there, and one is that we tend to ascribe an emotional cost to charity that we don't to other similarly priced purchases in our life. Pointing out that even for those of us who are not very well off, effective charity is easy and inexpensive is certainly something I need to be reminded of every now and then.

Scott Walters

I think we should all read the book 'Start With Why."


This meme definitely ruffled my feather's a bit, and I'm glad both you and 99 called attention to it. I'm particularly glad to see it used as an opportunity to examine the legitimate issues of the general public that the cartoon calls attention to. I don't have any easy answers to those questions (in fact they often keep me up nights) but thanks for identifying them so specifically and concisely.

Jack Plant

I was thinking about this and realized that, to a lot of people, the musician is becoming extraneous. So many people now can use their own creativity via the computer and produce fantastic stuff. I think there will, at least I hope there will, always be a place for musicians and live music, but, let's face it, artists and musicians represent an elite class of people. Unfortunately I think that this elite group will eventually become smaller and smaller as people go elsewhere for their entertainment.

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