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May 06, 2011


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Jack Worthing

Hm, I wonder if Caryl Churchill ever met someone like him...


I can't hold back any longer -

I actually heard the interview first hand and he is being completely misquoted. He said that there are those who wish for the death of their children and they are not acting humane. You have to be living under a rock if you don't know that there are many in this world who are proud to send their children to their deaths in the name of Jihad. And I think everyone would agree that those who wish the deaths of any children are not humane.
- Don't misquote people as the Times did, and don't jump to any conclusions unless you heard it first hand
- it only makes you look like a fool.

Nick Fracaro

Thanks Jack, very interesting. Where did this interview take place? Is there any documentation of it?

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