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July 15, 2011


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I actually thought that cartoon was really funny. despite that, I don't think that my thinking it was funny is necessarily an indicator of how I really feel about the rest of my country.

Karl Miller

Eish. My super-NYC-lovin' ex-girlfriend actually failed a spontaneous geography test in a similar way recently. It was pretty sad/funny. You could make the reverse joke, of course, but it wouldn't be as funny because the rest of America is deluded about more than just New York.


It's also just a bad knock-off of a much better set of stereotype maps:

David Cote

You'd only find a crappy, derivative satirical map like that in one of those ass-backward flyover states.

Scott Walters

Jeez, Issac, get a sense of humor, will you? Mac Rogers sent it to me, and I posted it as a joke. Do you really think I would find a joke map a vindication of my ideas? But thanks for driving traffic my way. By the way, I didn't know I was responsible for finding the absolute best version of the map, for crying out loud. Anybody who lived in NYC, as I did twice, has seen the NYer cover. I actually thought this version had more humor than the NYer cover, which relies totally of allocation of space. Regardless, NYers need to get a sense of humor.

Mac Rogers

Sorry all, I wish I'd seen this earlier. I saw the map and immediately thought of Scott and cracked up and tweeted it over to him and seconds later he replied that years of his writings were vindicated. ALL GOOD HUMORED. SCOTT IS KIDDING. NO ILL INTENT ON EITHER SIDE.*

*Except that map is kinda what I think of those crappy second-rate states and their hilarious desire for funding for the "art" they do in their "towns" of 357 "people."


(or do I...?)


I said I assumed you were joking!


PS: That map also isn't accurate. If it were, Texas would be labeled "Crazytown" and "The South" would start with New Jersey.

Scott Walters

That's it, Mac! Our friendship is OVER! I'd like my engagement ring back right now, please.

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