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July 26, 2011


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Eric Shethar

Propeller Troupe's "Comedy of Errors" at BAM- they also brought "Richard III" to the Huntington in rep, but that was a beantown only deal.


Hey Eric,

Do you remember if that was during Next Wave? Stage grade tends to not include shows in festivals because their runs are too short and thus, by the time they get enough reviews, they've closed.

There is far more shakespeare going on that these numbers attest. These numbers are a record of Shakespeare productions as part of nonfestival seasons that get more than five reviews. One of the reasons why we feel inundated with shakespeare is that there are quite a few low budget/festival/off-off/small-performance-run shakespeare shows. It's hard to know how to count those.


DC can have him.

Eric Shethar

"Comedy" was in their spring season. It was no Next-Wave-style flash run, but it also wasn't"Diary of a Madman" style either- maybe a week and a half? Cheek By Jowl also brought their "Macbeth" for a similar run, and one I believe overlapped with TFNA's production.

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