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September 15, 2011


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You make it sound like those are the choices THEY came up with, as in, blame THEM. I don't like that. Both have contributed piercing words on the state of women today, and I doubt they would have actually contributed these ideas. Please blame the organizers, or reality tv, or society, or someone other than these two awesome idea generators.


I'm sorry you don't like that. Especially since I note, specifically, that Rebeck and/or LaBute didn't come up with these scenarios.

But do these story ideas sound so far-fetched for these writers? Or for our stages? The point I'm trying to make and the thing that's frustrating about this is that this is what smart people think plays are about. That's not good.


I'm fairly certain Labute and Rebeck can take the heat, anyway. Don't cry for them too much.

neil labute

don't shed a single tear for me (i can't speak for theresa) since i had a wonderful time doing this and apparently so did most of the readership who 'attended' it (feel free to check out their comments on the l.a. times website).

people love to complain. that's why god (or steve jobs) created blogs.

Scott Walters

Typical Labute arrogance. Pathetic. You're totally right, 99, this is one of the things wrong with theatre.

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