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October 01, 2011


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Sigh. This story makes me sad because of how great it all sounds. I was supposed to intern at Circle Rep in the summer of 1996. I got the job sometime in early spring, I guess - I must have interviewed over spring break - and when I hadn't heard from anyone with any details in May, I called them. "Oh, yeah. We're closing. Sorry about that." In the ensuing scramble I wound up spending the summer at EST, which is where I met 99, who wound up being my roommate for 4 years, and is the reason I started reading this blog, so, you know, decently happy ending. And yet I still wonder what might have been!

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You just took me back...I was a development intern at Circle Rep in 1984...the stipend was $50 a week then, and I took a loan to live. I LOVED it. Thank you for taking me back down that long hallway...

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ben siegler

wow. just came across this while yearning for nostalgia (redundant?) and caught flashback fever.i was a circle company member in the 80's and knew these people well. hearing their names again is other-worldly.


Erik Lundell

I was the ASM on "Fool for Love" and spent summers before that just hanging around during "Think Piece" and "Johnny Got his Gun". I loved every moment that I spent in that smelly old theater. And the experiences I had there and the people that I met influence my life to this day. It was magic and makes me proud to have been a part of it.

Rich Remedios

I stumbled on this and it brought back a flood of memories. I was a production intern at Circle Rep from 1992-93.

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