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May 29, 2012


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I love this post.

a Tori Amos fan

Simon Crowe

You actually hit on the reason that Ani hasn't aged as well as maybe she should. (I'm talking about her music of course.) There was a period where she just made too much music. A little more self-editing might have served her well, though perhaps that level of output was necessary to sustain her label.

Anne Moore

I'm so glad you wrote this--I had the same immediate response to Isaac's mention of Ani and Ani fandom. And speaking of Mortified (that thing where you read from your old journal), I actually transcribed the lyrics to Adam and Eve in my journal my sophomore year of college.

But Out of Range and Imperfectly are amazing albums. Hate on, haters--every tool is a weapon indeed.


To be clear: I actually like Out of Range.


Great post. My wife still loves PJ, and we both still love X-Files though. :) Still, your great point is taken ...

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