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September 14, 2012


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Rob Weinert-Kendt

Beautiful piece, Isaac. I feel much of the same ambivalence about prayer and its efficacy; my own version of religious faith, which doesn't have much truck with the whole afterlife business, puts me a lot closer to your tingling-spine feeling about death and grief, and now that I think of it, my faith has a lot more to do with seeing/finding God in other people, in community (except when I can't--I'm less sure that faith in people themselves is enough, which is where we part ways, I guess).


IB, I wonder if you ever considered a wider definition of "prayer". And god, too, maybe. God works best for me when I don't anthropomorphize it. It works better for me as a verb rather than a noun.

I wish you could have met my man here, because I bet he would agree with everything you've written and still have it all fit into something wider:


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