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December 11, 2012


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Seth Gordon

Hmm. I have some issues with the controversy, which I'll get to eventually, but first I'd comment on your reticence to see the film simply because you're tired of all that 9/11 claptrap. You know Ebert's law, I'm sure: "A movie is not about what it is about. It is about how it is about it."

I mean, I'm pretty tired of hearing about boring old Abraham Lincoln at this point. You think 9/11 is old news? Shit, people have been talking and writing about him for over a century. I have to look at his ugly mug every time I get change. Yawn.

I'm also a bit tired of Christianity, and don't believe a word of it. I find Christian moralizing to be annoying, insulting, and offensive. I came out of "Diary Of A Mad Black Woman" somewhat angry about its message, but my main complaint was that it just plain sucked.

On the other hand, "Tender Mercies" is a pretty solid damn film, regardless of Horton Foote's moral of redemption through Christ. And Bach's "Mass In B Minor" holds up pretty well, even if I don't need any Kyrie to Eleison me, personally.

I suppose my point is, if movie gets generally (and in this case near-universal) praise for its craft, acting, etc, and it's a film by a filmmaker you generally admire - well, it seems a bit silly to say "the subject matter bores me" - a good filmmaker is going to make something engaging and gripping regardless the subject.


Wait. You saw diary of a mad black woman?

Seth Gordon

Hahahaha... Yeah. A date. She wanted to see it. I thought it would be inoffensive, at worst.


To seriously answer...I think that subject matter and level of interest in subject matter is a perfectly reasonable thing to weigh as one of many factors in seeing something. Here it's my desire to be done with this particular narrative (a narrative i find personally traumatizing to experience) weighed against my desire to see a kathryn bigelow picture. I haven't quite decided where i fall on that one.

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