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January 18, 2013


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Rob Weinert-Kendt

Pretty much.

David Cote

Nicely put. Atheist corollary for me is: How hard is it to follow one's natural atheist instincts and not be led to a logical misanthropy? As in: It is obvious there is no god; humans have for centuries enslaved themselves willingly to clerics, proving their aptitude for debasement; therefore, people in general are not worthy of freedom from belief. How hard is it to be an atheist and not have contempt for people?

Karl Miller

I'm an atheist, but I've come to enjoy the occasional brittle-pew Lutheran service when I visit my folks because Christian worship, read straight, can be experienced as an ongoing open-casket funeral for the death of god. But then, my atheism comes from Nietzchean and Julian Jaynesian roots, so I find the death of god more compelling than his/her non-existence.

David, you raise fantastic questions. Maybe it's no wonder the neo-Atheists (especially Harris, Dennett and Dawkins) now have their sights set on Subjectivity itself -- i.e. how can I be sure you exist at all? In any case, I don't think the centuries of believers were willingly enslaving themselves. As an organizing principle of civilization, god had his/her time just as democracy, corporatism, psychology and technophilia are having theirs now. Art may be the only real liberation, but how soon until Harris, et al try to debunk that, too?

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