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December 13, 2013


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Well, at least he's correct about the ludicrous abuse of the three-act structure. A shame he didn't better-research his claims about Shakespeare's structure.


HA, I love the paragraph about editing simply because it's a complete mess. Just like most of this article.


Nice critique. You summarized, much better than I could have, a lot of what I've felt was wrong with Hulk's approach. I speak as a serious fan of his. I love his blog, but he often treats his pet theories as if they were established in science (when, as you've pointed out, they sometimes aren't even established in the humanities).

Cary Gooper

Great article. However, I'd like to point out that your own sourcing involves some guy you know and a handful of unnamed actors. :)

It's a shame, because I really liked Hulk's article and thought it had some useful stuff.


Hey Cary,

Thanks! While I appreciate the irony you point out, all the points I make about Shakespeare are easily verifiable in just about any introduction to Shakespeare textbook, or any history of theater textbook. The reason why I spoke with some friends of mine with a level of expertise is just to verify that what I remembered was accurate (and of course, there's already a big difference between his chapter and my post: I actually double checked with some authorities on the subject, he just asserts that he has knowledge he doesn't.) The burden of proof here rests on the person blithely asserting easily disproven "facts" about Shakespeare without any evidence in a commercially available book and holding himself up as an authority on a subject he doesn't appear to know anything about. It should make us question what else he's gotten wrong.

R. Steven Page

Great article, but I think the fixation on acts is overblown. Pick and choose, mix and match. Also a sold screenplay will likely be rewritten ten thousand times. Concentrate on crafting unforgettable characters with strong but opposing desires and motivations.

Chuck Hustmyre

Great article. I'm surprised you did not take issue with, or mention, Hulk's absurd persona characteristics of typing in ALL CAPS and referring to himself in the third person.


Polonius' death verifiably occurs in the 3rd act, dipwad.


You're right, it does. For some reason I was looking at an edition that put it in Act Four when i wrote this. I'll update the post accordingly. Act Four of Hamlet does include Ophelia's madness and death, however, which are still memorable, important plot points. So he's still wrong, dillweed.

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