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August 03, 2004


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Dan Golub

Dude! Don't forget "Black Cauldron," which is the one I played most frequently and which I think is the one most directly parodied by HSR.

Isaac Butler

I'm going to totally reveal my inner dork here, but I'm pretty sure that actually Peasant's Quest is a parody of King's Quest, not The Black Couldron. The reason why? The Black Couldron wasn't really a text-based graphical adventure. I could be wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure it had an "action button" (I think it might have been spacebar) if I remember correctly which was how you interacted with your environment.

The primary thing I remember about all of these games is their punishing level of difficulty. I couldn't beat any of them (until part 3 of either Space- King's- or Police- quest) without a hint book.

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