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August 02, 2004


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I dig your site, Isaac. Though before you write a clever blog regarding the theatrical hijinks of the Lab, you should fist solve the problem of punctuation: the official LCT website calls it the Directors Lab, meaning a Lab of Directors (plural). Most people would feel more comfortable calling it a lab belonging to many directors, in which case it would be Directors' Lab (plural possessive). Or maybe you would feel more comfortable with a Lab truly belonging to a sole director, who manipulates all 79 other directors in some unforeseen way. In that case, ot would be the Director's Lab (singular possessive). So since it's your blog, I guess you can decide for your own purposes.
Cheers from your fellow Labster, from the boredom of her proofreading day job (where she gets paid to be brutally anal)--
Heidi Lauren/

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