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August 03, 2004


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George Hunka

Isaac, this is a splendid post -- one of the best in the career of Parabasis. Keep it up.

Isaac Butler

Thanks, George! I'll do what I can!

Will O'Hare

Good summary....great karaoke skills.

Bill Cusick

I don't know about all this falling in love and having affairs business. That just sounds tacky.

Michael Ladenson

Interesting. I went to drama school as a director years ago, and I must say that, to me, it's not a question of whether audiences like realism or hate theater. Audiences like stories about characters they can connect to. There is a very limited audience for seeing Richard Foreman's vision of the world, or ooohing and aaahing at Simon McBurney's coups de theatre. In my program, we used to say, "Just tell the story of the play!" If you do that, and you have a good story to tell, audiences will enjoy it, whether it's realistic or stylized.

In the 60's, progressive artists railed at the established order. But overthrowing the Broadway of those years didn't create an audience that wanted to see WAITING FOR GODOT. It created an audience that wanted to see CATS - lowbrow spectacle, the theatrical equivalent of special effects action films.

In Hollywood now, people like Robert McKee and Sid Field make a fortune trying to teach people how to tell a story again. In theater, the corresponding impulse is to return to classic wisdom - like that of Aristotle. I don't need to see more people "doing what (they) want." I've seen too much of that for twenty years. I'd like to see people learning how to tell stories again, and how to use the tools of theatre to do that.

Terry O'Reilly

Newly Added weekend Session – Viewpoints at Mabou Mines
Dear Lincoln Center Directors Lab
I am writing to ask something of a favor. As you may have heard, Mary Overlie and I are giving workshops on the viewpoints and Mabou Mines approaches to composition.

With one section (session B) closed - we have added a second week-end session.

I would appreciate your help in getting the word out. Perhaps you can send to the list. I am trying to work with a network of friends.
I suspect that some among your contacts might be interested in such a workshop.

Mary and I have worked on a half a dozen productions together in all kinds of capacities, worked together on the founding of Movement Research and for years we danced together – following the success of the first Viewpoints at Mabou Mines workshop in June we decided to offer it again.

The two week-end sessions are still open. It’s soon.
Sept 17, 18, 19
Sept 24, 25,.26.

Each workshop has an introductory talk followed by two days of studio work. We have set a maximum of 10 participants. Each workshop stands on its’ own and they may be taken sequentially.

Do you think you could help me spread the news?

Warm Wishes to you, Best, Terry

Here is the e-flyer:

Viewpoints at Mabou Mines

Viewpoints originator Mary Overlie joins Mabou Mines Co-Artistic Director Terry O’Reilly to conduct an intensive workshop on Theater and Performance. This is a hands-on workshop open to writers, directors, composers, performers and designers.
It will be conducted at Mabou Mines’ Theater
150 1st AVE – 2nd floor (corner of 9th Street.) buzzer #5

The workshop will begin with an introductory lecture to the Viewpoints by Mary Overlie and a talk on original and interpretive work and authorship in performance by Terry O'Reilly. This workshop is designed as an exploration into creative voice and its relationship to the discipline required to create good theater. Our goal is to inspire a trip to the edge, working with primary issues of performance, inspiration, process, production and philosophical questions.

Two sessions are being offered:

Session A
Introduction Friday 9/17 6-8PM
Sat. 9/18 1-6PM
Sun. 9/19 1-6PM

Session B – closed

Session C
Introduction Friday 9/24 6-8PM
Sat. 9/25 1-6PM
Sun. 9/26 1-6PM

Workshop Fee is $265. Enrolment is limited.

For registration please send a brief bio to: overlieoreillyworks@hotmail.com

Cara Russell

I'm glad to hear that directors who work exclusively with puppets attended the lab - I think puppetry and puppeteering is severely underrated and glossed over in the theatre world. To get some Hand Puppets of your own, check out SuperSmartyPants!


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