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February 01, 2005


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A.C. Douglas

"There is one site I read which, when I first started reading it was mainly about the person's experiences in viewing art and theater, opinions etc. Now it is a catalogue of daily things in his world of awesomeness, and I find it a labor to read."

Gee. I wonder which site that could be.

FWIW, I agree with you.



Personal experience is devalued in intellectual circles and I've often wondered why. I'm guessing it's a latent form of sexism since throughout history women were responsible for more personalized stories. "Women's writing" is usually marked by the use of personal experience. Most likely, this comes from a tradition stemming from gender discrimination in education. Back in the 1950s, women were viewed as being "too emotional", "too uncertain", "incapable of intellectual thought" and the always humorous, "going to college for her MRS degree."

You're right. Self indulgence is a bore. The 80s produced some wretchedly indulgent and egotistical art. But I think that period of time was ultimately good because the pendulum needed to swing in the other direction to achieve a future balance.

I've been experimenting with writing memoir-type material. My blog has largely been an exercise in doing that. People need to know what directors think about and go through... At least I do.

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