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February 13, 2005


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Lee the Sister

i like the second of the alternates as much as i like the one you've chosen.


I like the pictures myself. Joanne thinks you look a little drugged-out; she thinks the one with the cigarette is the most pretentious one; and the one where you're sprawled in a chair makes you look like a street thug. She says. But then, she prefers the previous "Here! I made this plate of fresh, warm theater just for you!" picture that used to grace your blog.


Cigarette one looks a little pretentious. The second one is I think the most 'you.'

Isaac Butler

George, to answer your question... or Joanne's... the cigarette one and the one with me staring off at the distance were after half a case of Yuengling, the cheap beer of choice here in Richmond, VA.

Perhaps I shall go back to muffins, or the me-in-profile thing, even if it makes my nose look a million feet long.


Ah, the Yuengling. They love it so in the South.

I agree about the second alternate picture looking the most 'you'.

Although I also really liked the muffins picture so...

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