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November 14, 2005


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George Hunka

Hmm ... I reply at my usual outrageous length here:




I would say, in regards to my own posting, that as soon as it was done I slapped my forehead and said "hey, dumbass, you forgot to talk about story". But it's not because it's unimportant, actually, it's because I always just assume that everyone assumes that the fundamental job of a theater artist is as a story teller and that one of the first steps of directing a play is figuring out what story you want to tell. Indeed, with In Public part of the struggle for me was figuring out what the story was that I was telling.

But I was trying to explain with as much comprehensive detail as possible my process, and to leave story out because it's, well, "obvious" is hardly a convincing alibi. If I ever revise the thing into a real essay, I'll add a section.

I will say, however, that not all theater tells a story, and not all of it is interested in doing so. The kind that I like to do does, however, and it's very important to me.

And your revision of my comment is innaccurate, but I really don't mind, because I also agree with your revision of my comment.

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