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November 08, 2005


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Lord, man, if I put you through all that with IP/IP, I'll never work with you again! I can't stand the guilt!

Seriously, this was more than I wished for when I asked the question and I'm ever-appreciative of the response--and that you put yourself through all this not only for the sake of my text but for everybody else in the process, and in every other play you work on, as well. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Oh, yes, the play. That's right.

I'm ever-grateful for IP/IP and Sustaining and all the others in your burgeoning career.

jennifer thomas

great insight in this 'interview', isaac. reading it over the last few days got my mind rolling as i gear up for directing GOOD.
and of course, i look forward to my tech week and all that sunshine and blowjobs.
thanks for sharing.


Wow. I have been enjoying this so much.
A white male who is fine with saying "I was wrong" .... ? !!!!


No really, this is good stuff. And maybe i think it's good because your process is very similar to mine and I feel reenforced in my ways. Though I think that what you're saying is that there is no way. There is only the washing of things over you and the acceptance of the process. This is why we do theatre, no ? To embrace the unknown and see where our questions take us....
It's so great to see someone so aware of their process and what they do. You clarity is inspiring.

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