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January 25, 2006


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Hillary will run.

I'd vote for Charles Schummer.

Frankly, I'd vote for any Democrat, though. I don't care. I just cannot abide by even the least offensive republican at this point.


6) Way to much baggage, to many people in both parties HATE her.

Personally I've partially thrown my hat in with John Warner. He's still a bit conservative on some issues for my taste, but he's a good "gateway" president as it were, and sadly it seems-the only person who could possibly persuade the heartland and the bible belt to vote Democrat.

Although the election is still a ways away, any other liberals other that Dean running around?


I think she'll definitely run. She is so entrenched in the power structure, forget about any notions of modesty. Do you think she gives a shit about NY for her health? It's a total steppingstone. And she is centrist enough that most centrist-to-middle partyline Democrats (and union folk, black folk, Catholic folk, Jewish folk) will vote for her if she's the way the party decides to go. Vz. the gravitation toward Kerry as the winnable choice(including me, who could not abide voting for irrelevant 3rd party candidates).

I mean, who would every Democrat with a conscience be able to vote for? Who's not unqualified? What governor? Howard Dean? Oh, wait, his political career is over. Al Gore, rising from the ashes? Oy.


The problem, honestly, is conversations like this one, unfortunately.

The Democrats have to learn to win the debates by taking a firm stance. Be willing to not take all sides, and instead, stake one position and raise it up as the only one that makes sense.

Quit it with the "Claiming the Middle." It's enough already. Any vote for war is a move away from credibility, if you're a Democrat. Any vote for Alito is a vote against your own party. That's all. You have to fight fire with fire.

Hillary is just not charming enough to pull off equivocation.


I'm a big believer in the bell curve theory of life, and so I consider the 'middle' to be the real deciders in any given election. You've got your folks on either side of the political curve who are always going to vote in that direction, and it is only the middle that can really be swayed in one direction or another.

The larger problem is that it appears for the most part that the ideology of the middle is moving further over to the right, and so courting to that demographic isn't going to work for Dems anymore.

I agree that Dems need to take a firm stance on things, but given the current political climate I'm not entirely sure that's going to help them win the next presidential election. God forgive me, but I'm more than willing to sell my soul to a centrist democrat that get stuck with another republican for the next 4 years.

Since moving to Canada is no longer an option, right now our big name choices are apparently between Hilary, Gore, and Dean. Jeez.....not a bright picture.


Dean won't run. He said he won't if he became DNC chair. He's DNC chair and he's got big things to do repairing the party infrastructure from the ground up.

It's going to come down to Hillary Clinton, Evan Bayh (ug) and John Warner. I like Warner, frankly... I think he's a smart southern governor with integrity. That he is a centrist I find less disturbing, because I trust him. Hillary does not stand for anything, and neither, really, does Bayh (a stuffed shirt if I ever saw one).

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