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January 29, 2006


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Chaotic Neutral? Doesn't that mean you basically have no particular worldview?

I loved how in the third edition or something, Lawful anything sounded particularly facist.

I have friends who shamefully still play that game. I'm not naming any names.

Oh God. I've exposed myself.


Not exactly, Freeman. Someone with no particular worldview is more likely to be True Neutral than Chaotic Neutral. Chaotic Neutral people are usually out for their own pleasure and happiness, whatever that may be and however it may be quickest attained. The mercenary ex-soldier who got kicked out of the army for not following orders could be this alignment as long as their version of taking out the competition doesn't include harming innocents. They aren't always complete nutters, although they could be dedicated to chaos regardless of whether the effects are beneficial or not, nor are they always the backstabbing traitors.

Fascist? it depends. Someone highly dedicated to Law can be anything from the chivalrous knight to the policeman dedicated to the letter of the law to the honorable villain who is honest and fair in his dealings or who twists the wording of things when he upholds his side of the bargain to, indeed, the fascist.

It is unfortunate that you feel you must feel guilt for enjoying something generally considered unpopular. There should be no shame in role playing. Many people do it, writers, actors, the kinky, the imaginative dreamers or escapists, cops who try to figure out murders by acting them out and more. Dungeons & Dragons, is, at its heart, role play with rules, action figures, maps and dice.

Victory should be naked.

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