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January 03, 2006


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who the fuck cares what you think? don't you think you're a little self-important?



Thanks for the note.

As I'm sure you know, whenever you launch into any creative venture, you're putting yourself out there. If you don't have a thick skin, chances are your first project will be your last.

I think the thing we all need to do is to try to grow in some way (artistically, technically, conceptually-whatever) with each undertaking...otherwise it becomes a product rather than a creative expression. I think when that stops happening that's the day I'll hang it up.

Keepin' it real


To respond to both:
I'm not sure anyone gives a fuck what I think. I write my blog, some people read it regularly, some people drop in every now and then. Perhaps they care what I think. I hope they do. I consider the blog a way to get my thoughts on paper, and I (as a theater director) have a real trouble with doing anything that isn't for an audience. SO rather than keep some kind of "thoughts about stuff" journal, I blog, and I let my audience comment. So sorry if you feel just by having a blog I am self-important, but so be it.

And in this case, I wished to write what I felt because I attacked a fellow artist's work and then my opinion of it changed and evolved. Admitting we're wrong is important, and very few people do it these days. One of the reasons very few people do it these days is that they get attacked once they admit they were wrong for being wrong in the first place or, in your case, simply for existing.

As to you, Jerry, I agree with you. We all have to be able to evolve and grow, but as artists and as spectators. It is hard, however, to do that when people won't cut each other slack. And I cut you no slack in my comments over at George's site and it is for that that I feel guilty. Not for having a strong dislike for something (you can't feel guilty about your taste) but rather for not allowing that this was a new thing and would grow both artistically and on me.

Okay, enough talking by me. The comments section is supposed to be for readers!

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