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April 21, 2006


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Serenity was awesome. Battlestar Galactica rocks. I am a professed shameful Star Wars geek. And my latest obsession, God Save Me, is LOST.


My guilty pleasure is The Bachelor. It's totally shameful and horrendous, and I watched nearly every episode of the last one. I was riveted and (gurph!) even went to the ABC website for recaps of the one or two I missed.

Alison Croggon

While we're on confessions... well! My guilty tv pleasure is probably Mythbusters. I just love watching them blow up concrete mixer trucks or destroying elevators or whatever it is they happen to be doing. My other guilty pleasure is SFF (China Mieville, but he's practically literature, and Terry Pratchett and GRR Martin etc) and children's fiction. Sorry Matt, I loved the first three SW, but the prequels all sucked, aside from the Nintendo Podracer game, which I still drag out now and again, I still can't do the most difficult circuits. Oh yes. I love Balders Gate on Gamecube for mindless slashing and hewing. My dwarf is Level 44 and has amassed 17 million gold pieces. I've already played the human archer and elvish enchantress to death. Now I've made a clean breast of my geekiness I had better go back to bed.


Holy Crap, Croggon. You're a Level 44 Dwarf!

Gamecube, though. That means if you haven't played the heck out of Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker, you haven't lived. I was one of the game journalist flown out to Seattle to play it before it's release and I STILL love that game.

I'll leave the Star Wars comment alone. Won't bite.

Aaron Riccio

I will probably hate you forever, Freeman, for being a game journalist. Damn my jealousy. I'll at least broach the subject that the Star Wars TV series has the opportunity to be extremely good, although given that it's relying on an already built-in fanbase, it has no need to actually do so.

As for television's guilty pleasures, I've got a million of 'em. I agree with George about "House" and you about "Battlestar Galactica," and I'll add "Boston Legal" to the mix. Charismatic and self-deprecating actors posturing purposefully on camera, all while doing outrageous things in a courtroom . . . it's like reality TV, only scripted. I absolutely cannot get enough.

Don't call "Lost" guilty though . . . it's just impossible to get into if you haven't been watching from the beginning. Like "24," it grows more and more implausible by the episode, and I guess the fun is watching to see how they're going to keep it going.

Alison Croggon

Matt, my son would have died of envy a couple of years ago (he is very scornful of my Balders Gate addiction - "why don't you play something intelligent, Mum?"). I still have a real fondness for the classic Zelda and the Ocarina of Time, the first game I ever played (I wonder how many hours I spent on that one) - though the Wind Waker is, I admit, a classy piece of work. I only played Majora's Mask once. Talk about narrative entanglements. Ah, the joys of a misspent adulthood. Though I maintain that regular space-outs on Nintendo is the only way I manage to survive writing novels.

I'm told by teen fans I know that LOST has led to record sales of Flann O'Brien, so it can't be all bad.


LOST is a guilty pleasure (like 24) due to the absolute recklessness of its writing staff and the so-bad-it's-its-own-style acting.

walter a

I too love both House and Battlestar Galactica. But my favorite TV show is one that recently has begun reaching us from Vancouver--"DaVinci's Inquest." I think it is quite possibly the best serious drama ever on TV. (If that is one forgets-alas--the 6 or so episodes of EZ Streets.)


The best serious drama ever on TV?


I must start watching it then... where can one find this "DaVinci's Inquest"...


Last week I was house-sitting in a for a house in which lived a 13 year old girl who was obsessed with The OC. In this house I stumbled across the DVD on the first season. By the end of the week I had made it to episode 13. And the (ARG!) I had to leave. I'm too embarrassed to rent the rest. I may have tot re-subscribe to NetFlix.

Other guilty pleasure - two or three years ago there was a short-lived Showtime sci-fi series starring Peter Weller called Odyssey 5. I watched all the episodes on demand on to find the show had been canceled mid-season. Which was an exceptional bummer.

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